Escape Room Bielefeld II: THE SULLIVAN TEST

Profess Sullivan was fired by his institute because he got caught at putting his subjects at risk during dangerous and illegal tests. He now continues these experiments in secret. You and your team will enter Sullivan's laboratory and have to pass all his tests to escape within 60 minutes!

Escape Room Bielefeld III: THE CASE SCHWARTZ

The story begins…! Erik Bloomberg is a passionate investigation journalist who currently struggles through a wide range of cases, going from white collar crime and secret service conspiracies to even murder. The Case Schwartz is the first part of the Blomberg trilogy. In this part he is chasing after Viktor Schwartz, a corrupt businessman from Bielefeld, in order to find out what he is up to. It is confirmed that Schwartz is an important member of an organisation that commits crimes worldwide – and its next target seems to be Bielefeld!
But what is it exactly they are after?

During his fight against possible crimes Erik needs help from his best investigation team - YOU!

Escape Room Bielefeld I: THE FIVE SHADOWS

Playable in English from May 2018! 

You’re in the year 1979. Professor Ravensberg has disappeared without a trace. The three friends Helena, Erik and Viktor are desperately in the search of him. The first clue they find are documents that refer to a mysterious organization: The Five Shadows. Helena, Erik and Viktor are sure that Professor Ravensberg must be a member of this organization. A trace leads them to abandoned catacombs of the Sparrenburg in Bielefeld. After arriving there things get out of control and Helena needs the help of you! Are you able to help Helena solving the puzzle of The Five Shadows and the vanishing of Professor Ravensberg before time runs up and the persecutors will get you?


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Monday - Thursday

2 people team: 31,50€ per person*
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7 people team: 18,00€ per person*

*The 10% discount is not valid on an the day before public holidays and on bookings in december.

Friday - Sunday

2 people team: 35,00€ per person
3 people team: 30,00€ per person
4 people team: 25,00€ per person
5 people team: 22,00€ per person
6 people team: 21,00€ per person
7 people team: 20,00€ per person

More than seven players?

In case you are a group of more than seven people you have the option to divide the group and play both rooms. For further information feel free to contact us. Moreover it is important for us to know if you want to play both rooms in english in order to prepare them.



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Bachelor Party

This will be your last night in freedom, so why don’t you just lock yourself in a room? It is not easy to find the perfect activity for this special day in your life – But here it is! No matter how big your group is, we have the perfect location to make this day unforgettable.

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About us

We are two students from Bielefeld who always dreamt big and therefore started a business on our own. The idea to create and offer escape games first occured to us in January 2015 and although it has not been an easy way we have enjoyed every step of it and are still very passionate about it. The design, the affectionate details, the stories and all the riddles are entirely made up by ourselves. We would be very happy to welcome you at Raum&Zeit!


About us



Drive on the B61 (Ostwestfalendamm) and take the exit towards the direction of Werther. Immediately at the exit you will reach “Stapenhorstraße” which you will follow in the direction of Werther. After 600m you will reach our location at Stapenhorststraße 60.


We have a parking site for our guests. You can find it in the backyard of our building. Take the small driveway on the right side of the Commerzbank to reach our parking lots.


Ride Line 4 (Lohmannshof) until Siegfriedplatz. From there it is only 2 minutes on foot, just follow Weststraße and then turn right until Stapenhorststraße 60


Line 21 has a stop directly in front of our location.